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  Dedicated FUP PREPAID RENTAL Speed
Plan Name Speed Data 6 Months 12 Months + 1 Month Free Post FUP
Emerald 50 Mbps Unlimited 999 p.m 999 p.m 2 Mbps
Platinum 75 Mbps Unlimited 1210 p.m 1210 p.m 2 Mbps
Diamond 100 Mbps Unlimited 1375 p.m 1375 p.m 2 Mbps
Sapphire 125 Mbps Unlimited 1650 p.m 1650 p.m 2 Mbps
Vibranium 150 Mbps Unlimited 1925 p.m 1925 p.m 2 Mbps
Above offer is valid for 6 Months and 12 months Prepaid package only
Pay for 12 months and get the above offer monthly package + 1 more month free internet usage
Prices mentioned above are exclusive of GST
Packages of Speed above 100MB will require a Giga Router
Installation Charges are applicable. Pre Configured WiFi Routers are also available
All our plans are prepaid and payment needs to be made at the start of your billing cycle.
SKY Broadband Services reserves the right to modify/alter/change/withdraw the tariff plan at anytime we deem fit